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Operation's resume for IVS network

We are pleased to announce that, after an intense period of maintenance in our radiotelescope, Santa Maria’s RAEGE Station has returned to IVS (International VLBI Service for Geodesy & Astronomy) network for Geodesic VLBI observations since the last 25th of May.

We made this announcement after the correlation results of these first observations were very satisfactory.

We would like to thank all partners and elements involved in this project, especially both RAEGE-Az’s and IGN’s engineers and technicians for their dedication and hard work during this period and for making our return possible!

MacaroNight II - Macaronesian Researchers Night

Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FRCT) and Direção Regional de Ciência e Tecnologia (DRCT) mark, on November 27, the celebrations of MacaroNight II - Macaronesian Researchers Night, with the premiere of a mini series called “Ahh! Ciência nos Açores” dedicated to science in the Azores region. The first episode will air on RTP Açores on November 27 to celebrate the European Researchers Night.

During the seven episoded each Science Center will disseminate the best of science in the Azores in its area, from volcanology (Observatório Vulcanológico e Geotérmico dos Açores – OVGA), environment (Observatório do Ambiente dos Açores – OAA), space (Observatório Astronómico de Santana Açore – OASA), sea (Observatório do Mar dos Açores – OMA), microorganisms (Observatório Microbiano dos Açores – OMIC) and endemic species (Expolab – Centro de Ciência Viva) showing their activities, experiences and interviews with researchers.

In the context of the partnership between OASA science center and Associação RAEGE Açores, João Salmim Ferreira the director of the RAEGE Station of Santa Maria was invited to participate in the OASA episode to describe the work that is being carried out in Santa Maria and to share a personal input regarding the future of Space sector in the Azores region.

Word Space Week Event at RAEGE station of Santa Maria

Within the scope of the "World Space Week" the students of the EBI Santa Maria of the classes 10ºA, 11ºA, 12ºA and 12ºB visited the RAEGE station of Santa Maria where the RAEGE project was presented to them and they were able to see the various equipment up close and the radio telescope in motion. The Marine-EO project was also presented to them by Fábio Vieira from DRCT and had the opportunity to watch a test on the platform carried out on the same day of a ship entering a protected area and one being detected by the platform. 

At the end of the visit, some students showed some interest in developing projects using the data collected by the RAEGE station of Santa Maria in the study of seismological and gravimetric effects. This marks the beginning of new collaboration between the school and the RAEGE network.

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Marine-EO - Earth Observation applied to maritime affairs in the Azores

Tomorrow (09/10/2020) we will be participating in the event "World Space Week".

A brief description of the fundamental geodetic station in Santa Maria
is provided.
Brief examples of the maritime application services are shown and
demonstrated - the services have been developed within the Horizon 2020
Pre-Commercial Procurement Project Marine-EO.
The presentation will take place in RAEGE's station of Santa Maria.
It will be presented to 3 groups of local secondary school students.

Fábio Vieira will be the speaker of this event.

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Visit of the DRCT to RAEGE Santa Maria

Visit of the DRCT and team in the scope of the end of parliamentary balance sheet.

Open Call for Researcher PhD and MSc

AIR Centre, aligned with Associação RAEGE Açores, has an open procedure for a researcher with PhD level in the area of Radio Astronomy and for a MSc in Engineering, Geodesy, Geophysics, Space sciences or related.


For more information:


Application deadline: 31/07/2020

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