National Geographical Institute of Spain (IGN)


The National Geographical Institute of Spain (IGN) is a spanish government agency, dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The missions of the IGN, among others, are:

     -   The management and technological development of the IGN instrumentation and infraestructures for radio astronomy, spatial geodesy and geodynamics.

     -   The maintenace of Yebes Observatory as a Unique Scientific and Technical Infraestructure (ICTS).

     -   El planning and management of active and passive geodetic networks at national level, as well as the high-precision leveling network and the tide gauge network that configure the framework for the Spanish Geodetic Reference System.

     -   The explotation and analysis of geodetic observations, the development of applications for navigation and positioning systems, as well as its application to geodynamic studies.

IGN is member of the European VLBI Network since 1993 and participates in geodetic VLBI campaigns with the Yebes 14-m radio telescope since 1995. Ign is also founder of the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE).

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Azores Regional Government

At the time of the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Secretary for Science, Technology and Insfrastructures was representing the Azores Government. Due to subsequent administrative reorganizations, RAEGE now integrates the responsibilities of the Azores Mission Structure for Space, recently created within the Secretariat for the Sea, Science and Technology. Furthermore, Associação RAEGE Açores (a nonprofit private association between the Government of Azores and SATA, the regional air transport company) has been set up  to manage the scientific and technical activity of the Azores RAEGE infrastructures.